„U Kucharzy” is a polish restaurant situated in the heart of Monte Casino street – the famous walk of the most recognized seaside cities in Poland, Sopot. Locals and tourists visit this place every day in pursuit of sophisticated culinary experience. Our professional staff takes care of the highest quality service and dishes making it one of the most recognizable places on the map of Tricity.

New owners decided to close a chapter of this place and begin a new era of fine dining experience. Recruiting new staff and training the old one helped them to redesign “U Kucharzy” restaurant and make it a desirable go-to place once again.

„U Kucharzy” has to offer everything you might seek in an excellent restaurant. Well designed, industrial interior puts together traditional decoration with a modern spirit creating unrepeatable combination. A big advantage is the central, open kitchen. Thanks to this kind of solution our guests may observe every stage of cooking thoroughly, which assures them dishes are prepared from the best, fresh ingredients on site.

The menu and a wine card also deserve attention. Traditional dishes of Polish cuisine gained a new character in “U Kucharzy” and have become a real feast for the palate. They are made on basing on original recipes, including a recipe for a delicate sirloin a la Gessler flambéed at the table. The taste experience is influenced by the careful preparation of dishes, the quality of ingredients, and the fact that everything is prepared on the spot. Anyone who tries broth, mushroom soup or pork knuckle will definitely want to visit this place again!

We cordially invite all of you to the restaurant “U Kucharzy” in Sopot. The restaurant prepares every season to serve guests with a slight twist of the menu under the watchful eye of Mr. Adam Gessler for whom the level, style and taste are of greatest importance. As a result, we can define “U Kucharzy” as a place on the culinary map of Sopot that you must visit!